Research resource center «Chromas» of Saint Petersburg State University is focused on supporting the basic and innovative research projects in cell biology, molecular genetics, developmental biology, microbiology and other fields of bio-medical research.


The center main activity is in line with the priority trend of Saint Petersburg State University Development Program “Biomedicine and Health Care”. Also it is in accordance with Russian Federation “Development Priorities in Science, Technology and Engineering”, namely “Life sciences” and «Rational Nature Resources management».

Our center facilitates undergraduate trainings, master practical courses and other practical in modern microscopy and molecular biology. We specialize mainly in bioimaging, high resolution fluorescence and confocal laser scanning microscopy, including real-time microscopy. In addition, the Centre has facilities for experimental research in comparative genomics, molecular cytogenetics and immunocytochemistry. Our center equipment is permanently updating due to the long-lasting close cooperation with Leica Microsystems GmbH (Germany), the world leader company in innovative microscopy and scientific instruments.

Leica TCS SP5